Inauguration of the new COTRAMAN website

Looking for a more modern design

Shapes and colors evolve over time, and COTRAMAN became aware that our image on the internet did not match the times we live in.

We contacted the team dpWebDesigner and then skipped the typical spark when you see that you have the certainty that you have found what you were looking for.

After the meeting we held with them in which we defined what we wanted, they made the proposal you are currently viewing online.

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Corporate color protection

We have wanted with this new website, update our image on the Internet but without forgetting our original logo, which is why most of the color palette used contains the colors of the logo.

A small design studio with more than 15 years of experience at the sevei of companies around the world. With strong international presence, it offers solutions in design and usability for companies that want to have an Internet presence.


Today, the Internet is the most important provider / customer search channel and we have to take great care of our digital showcase.

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Better international presence

The incorporation of services in the different languages ​​of the countries in which we are present must reinforce our international presence.

100% satisfactory result

We are very happy with the result both aesthetically and functionalally, as it has solved all the problems that had the previous web page.

solid bulk cargo

Cooperativa General de Transportistes de Manresa, S.C.C.L.

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Feed Safety Assurance GMP 007671

C/ Josep Comas i Solà, 21 A
(Central integrated Goods)
Industrial Zone Bufalvent
08243 Manresa (Barcelona)


+ 34 93 877 24 55
+34 93 877 34 01

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