General de Transportistes de Manresa s.c.c.l. (Cotraman sccl) is a road haulage services cooperative based in the Bages area.

We are a road haulage agency. Through the application of the latest technology in terms of means of transport, communications and information systems, our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible service.

· At the same time, as a cooperative, the company
  offers the following services to Cotraman
· Distribution of transport work between the
  different vehicles.
· Diesel refuelling facilities.
· AdBlue refuelling facilities.
· Vehicle cleaning facilities.
· Processing of commercial, fiscal and employment
  matters in the field of transport and traffic.
· Centralisation of the costs of new technology and
· Administration for foreign motorways.

We know that by taking maximum care of our members and suppliers we get the best service for our customers.


Set up in 1960 on the initiative of 12 self-employed road hauliers, from the start Cotraman s.c.c.l. has been based in Manresa, in the province of Barcelona. The company’s legal status is that of a cooperative.

Since its earliest days, specialisation in the transport of bulk solids, a very important business in the Bages area, has been the main driving force in the company’s expansion.

The company is currently made up of 35 members, and has 45 latest-generation vehicles with aluminium tip-up bodies.


Cotraman s.c.c.l. has a 2,200m2 industrial building on its site, which includes the following:
· Administrative offices.
· Our own diesel and AdBlue refuelling
· Our own lorry wash facilities.
· Parking and logistics area.

Cooperativa General de Transportistes de Manresa, S.C.C.L
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